Saturday, 26 April 2014

AX Paris stole my heart

AX Paris equals Sheike and affordable. Its what women want.
Still keen or unsure? click AX Paris and I'm sure their clothes will answer your needs as it did mine. Im soo loving the lilac wrap skirt and that black jumpsuit and I hope I win the comp.. fingers crossed!
Otherwise Enter their comp as posted below.
xoxo Sparrows

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Valentino SS14 Off Duty Royalty

My last blog was about designing my dream living room with a tribal inspiration and today I came across Valentino's SS ready to wear collection which relates to a laid back tribal inspo.. Coincidence or a sign that Im going on a right direction?
What stood out it the collection is the loose fit, heavy embroidery, fringes and sandles. The earthy with bold primary colours definitely flow beautifully with the pattern as well. It seems like boho is and always will be tran-seasonal coz I could guarantee anyone can pull this collection off with a pair of boots for Sydney, Australia's current winter weather.
I know its kind of difficult to figure out how the heck can u find something that would be similar at an affordable price? Well its not hard, tribal looks are every where and can be eco friendly.. Sites like, and of course are just a few I'd highly recommend.

Monday, 21 April 2014

We are wild

So I've been thinking of creating my living room a tribal theme, where there's animal imagery, earthy colours, wooden materials and tribal symbols. So why tribal? I believe it creates a laid back atmosphere so I can take my shoes off and dress comfortably with no stress. Once completed which hopefully would be in a could of weeks the photos would be up. In the meantime, here's my mood board for the tribal living room and fashion.

 Spell Design outfit
 Spell Design kimono
 Daniella Stephanie gown
 Mania mania jewelery
 Pamela Love
 Meredith Khan 
Mania Mania